We decided to do something different …

We’ve created a multi-layered overview of some of the most interesting recent discoveries in the science of psychological change. Rather than trying to convince you to buy What Freud Didn’t Know, or attempting to cajole you into signing up for a seminar, we decided to summarize some of the science and concepts that undergird what we’ve come to call Amygdala Script Theory. At this site you can delve lightly or more deeply into recent psychological and neuroscience discoveries that promise to enhance your personal self-help work, or your work as a psychotherapist. Then you can decide for yourself how these recent discoveries might be useful to you.

And yes, we think that for some people (perhaps even you) this site will sufficiently pique their interest that they will want to explore more of the numerous insights and experiences that the book and the seminars offer.

But if nothing else happens during your visit here, we are betting that as you click your way around, at the very least you will leave more knowledgeable and intrigued about the workings of the human mind.

So ready yourself for a small adventure of discovery …

What This Site can offer you