How Amygdala Script Theory Can Help You

Neuroscience is pointing to ways in which we can simplify and streamline tools that promote positive psychological change. Amygdala Script Theory summarizes these discoveries and translates them into:

> An intriguing application of recent research breakthroughs in psychology and neurobiology.

> Five Simple Principles Derived from Neurobiological Research that Enhance a Variety of Self-help Tools

> A distillation of a great deal of clinical and neurobiological research into a Three Step Practice that can be learned and practiced at home.

> An easy-to-read, critically acclaimed book that uses many real life examples to explain how amygdala script theory can help you. It includes an extensive bibliography, citing the original research – most of it from mainstream peer-reviewed scientific journals ­– that is the basis for Amygdala Script theory.



How Amygdala Script Theory Can Help Psychotherapists

> A very accessible window into the neurobiological underpinnings of therapeutic tools such as: mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, historical insight and EMDR.

> A clear explanation of how this knowledge can be applied to streamline and enhance interventions that are common to most treatment modalities.

> A powerful treatment tool called the Three Step Practice

> A book that is useful as a resource for clients to see how therapy works both psychologically and in their brains.

> Five principles that are easily translated into numerous exercises that clients can use at home to support your work with them

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