What Freud Didn’t Know


A New Book by Tim Stokes Ph.D.
Rutgers University Press

Freud Didn’t Know about amygdala scripts, and that makes all the difference.

  • Alexis struggled with a lack of self-confidence. It made her overly cautious and inefficient at work.
  • Jim was stuck in another bout of depression.
  • Matt had an anger problem. It was was causing problems in his marriage.
  • Barb’s anxiety was returning. She was afraid it would make her life miserable again.

These people have something in common. Brain scan research tells us that an overly active amygdala region is hijacking a key area of their brains, which is supposed to tame strong and inappropriate emotions. The result is what we call “amygdala scripts”.

Brain scan research also suggest how proven tools for effectively dealing with these types of problems can be further streamlined and made more effective. The research and how it can be applied is described in easy-to-understand language in “What Freud Didn’t Know”.

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  1. There are many good blogs on Mindfulness, a few re the neurobiology of psychotherapy, but I can’t presently recommend any that point to how neurobiology is informing psychotherapy and practices to promote psychological well-being in a practical sense. That’s why I wrote the book I guess.
    There was a lot of work being done that is interesting, and some of it is cited in What Freud Didn’t Know, at the University of South Wales in Australia. Not sure about blogs though. Also, you might want to look at some of the stuff that is being done at Stanford re compassion, it is very interesting I think.

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