• Alexis struggled with a lack of self-confidence. It made her overly cautious and inefficient at work.
  • Jim was stuck in another bout of depression.
  • Matt had an anger problem. His marriage was suffering.
  • Barb’s anxiety was returning. She was afraid it would make her life miserable again.


Neuroscience tells us that an overly active amygdala region hijacks key moderating areas in their brains, creating what we call “amygdala scripts”. Learn how neurobiology and psychology promise to converge to streamline and simplify psychotherapy and self-help tools that changed their lives.

Learn how Amygdala Script Theory drives positive personal change.
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What Freud Didn’t Know

A New Book by Tim Stokes Ph.D.
Rutgers University Press

Freud Didn’t Know about amygdala scripts, and that makes all the difference.

"This is a clear, readable presentation of psychotherapy techniques combined with insights from neuroscience. The author writes in a warm insightful manner based on his many years as a practicing clinician; it is guaranteed to provide useful insights for both general readers as well as practicing mental health professionals Read More


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